What is LEU?

The American Medical Isotope Production Act signed by President Obama was signed in 2013. It is part of a multi-nation effort to reduce the use of “weapons grade” HEU. The Act along with the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announcement for additional reimbursement for non-HEU diagnostic doses is a push for our industry to utilize LEU doses.

Uranium is used in the production of molybdenum (M0-99) which is the parent isotope of technetium (Tc-99), used in millions of diagnostic procedures annually. The United States has no domestic facilities for Mo-99. The Safari reactor in South Africa and the Opal reactor in Australia are the only facilities that can supply LEU-derived raw product.

Fast Facts

  • Full LEU conversion is expected by the years 2017-2018.
  • CMS provides additional payments of $10 per dose for doses made with LEU
  • Not a shortage of LEU; but a limited supply
  • IonSouth is currently supplying LEU doses to customers